How"s Your Passion These Days?

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If there is a fire in your gut there are bound to be a few sparked flying out of your mouth.
Passion is different than enthusiasm.
Passion is the fuel that drives you toward the finish line.
It is the reason why you do anything.
Without passion you are destined to a life of being 'average'.
To a life of mediocrity.
Passion is one of life's critical behaviors if you want to achieve sustained success in any career especially sales.
Who do you know that is on fire with passion?Are you?Have you had it in the past but are losing it due to some external circumstances?Do you feel in welling up inside you or do you feeling it slowly slipping away? Many people can be heard saying that their sales career just doesn't seem to have the same spark that it did in the past.
That selling is becoming - same stuff different day - or it is just too demanding or difficult to maintain consistent high sales volume.
Passion is not in a career, job or life, it is in people or it isn't.
Passion can make up for a lack of education, skill, opportunity and it can help you overcome adversity, failure and problems with ease.
Yes ease, because your attitude is - I can handle it, so bring on the challenges, problems and adversity.
I will overcome.
I will surmount.
I will find a way around, under or over it.
I will not be defeated.
I will not be deterred.
I will never quit, never no matter what is going on around me.
I have drawn a line in the sand and have made the decision to overcome, no matter what.
Here are a few words to consider when you think about how passionate you are.
Expectations Disappointment Struggle Pain Problems Resolve Outcomes Enthusiasm Adversity Risk Winning Overcoming Self- belief Self-confidence Self-assured Why not rate yourself on the above words to see where you may need to re-discover or re-kindle your passion or why it has left you or is leaving.
Passion is your key to success.
It assures that no matter what you know or don't know, do or don't do, believe or don't believe, feel or don't feel doesn't matter.
With passion you will do "whatever it takes, learn whatever you need to learn and use what you have to the fullest.
Passion gives no excuses.
Passion is not what you have only when things are going well,It is a part of your cellular makeup.
If you haven't got it, get it.
If you have it, never let it go.
If you have lost it, get it back.
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