Practical Prayer - How She Got A New Job

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A friend of mine called last night and it was obvious that she was very upset.
She had recently broken her wrist and told me that her team leader at work was trying to get her fired for missing work.
Apparently her team leader had spoken with several other people concerned (human resources, personnel, etc...
) and, for whatever reason, she had convinced them that my friend just shouldn't come back to work.
My friend didn't think she was being treated fairly, and called to ask if I knew if it was legal for them to treat her that way; after all, all she wanted was to meet with the head of human resources to discuss how soon she could return to her job after breaking her wrist.
You might say that there's two sides to every story; but it really doesn't matter.
All that matters is what you want and what you think about.
Unfortunately for my friend, we live in a right-to-work state and anyone can be terminated at any time for any reason.
But that doesn't matter either if you know what you want and know how to think about it.
I told my friend to forget what was going on and think about what she wanted:A meeting with the head of human resources and to go back to work.
I suggested that, when she went to bed, she mentally rehearse what she would say to the head of human resources.
I told her to lay down and close her eyes and think about the person she wished to speak with; then, send him her best intentions and imagine the meeting going just as she hoped it would.
In other words, pray about it - pray about how she wanted the meeting to go.
Ask for what you want and imagine it is real.
I told her to be upbeat and positive and expect to get everything that she wants and even more - and then go into the meeting with a positive attitude and love in her heart.
The next day she did indeed get her meeting; and she called me afterwards to give me the good news.
She was well received by the director of human resources and her records were adjusted to reflect that her leave time had indeed been handled properly and the people who gave her a hard time were informed that my friend was in fact entitled to what she was asking for.
My friend was also told that she could come back to work the next day if she wished, and that she could immediately begin an advanced training class that she had missed due to her injury.
Not only that, she was given a better job, and a better desk - with a NEW team leader.
Everything she wanted - and more! Problem one day; prayer that night; solution the next day; and a new, better reality the day after that.
That's quick; but it can be even quicker than that.
So don't worry about the problems you are faced with; imagine the solution, or resolution.
What you think about you get.
"Ask and you shall receive.
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