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"As with language, so with life: Less is often more.
The quality of life is marked by what you can do without and still do well.
The best things in life aren't.
Thoreau subscribed to this line of thinking.
So did Buddha, Lao-tzu and Jesus.
Possession is nine tenths of our flaw.
" Robert Fulghum was born in 1937 and wrote the book, "All I Really Need To Know I learned In Kindergarten.
" He is an Unitarian minister, artist and teacher and lives in the state of Washington.
He says a lot in the short quote above.
Less is more, when you think that way.
I realized how much stuff I had by the amount of trash I accumulated over a week.
The need to buy and collect have become trademarks of wealth.
The more trash I had, the more I wanted to buy.
I was living in the economic powerhouse of spending.
Spending money, time, people, in the quest to be wealthy, and to be recognized.
It is a game of catching shadows, there is always a bigger one to catch.
These shadows kept getting bigger and they were ever present to badger me with visions of grandeur.
Caught in this game, my life became confused, cluttered and stress filled.
Nothing was satisfying, no matter what the cost.
Trash had become my badge of identity.
As Fulgrum tells me, that thinking is self defeating.
I found what I had been searching for without spending a penny.
I found my ability to remember who I am, and my world changed.
I no longer measured myself by material gains or losses.
I have no need for expensive jewelry or clothing.
I no longer need to support the new car industry, my "new," old one works as well.
I find abundance everywhere I look.
I feel the power of self assurance in purchase less freedom.
In remembering, I find my freedom and my free will.
I can share and give and experience abundance.
If my thoughts focused on a desire, it manifests.
If I think about negativity that is what I express.
I began to change my thoughts and my world became a positive experience.
By thinking about love and knowing I am an expression of love, I can satisfy all my desires, and be happy.
The external shadows are disappearing in forgiveness and self love.
My ego is still present, but is now operating through my innate feelings and emotions.
My spirit guides me and I follow with joy.
My trash is less trashy, and more rewarding.
It is now a symbol of freedom, not of power.
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