5 SMART Ways Your Emotions SERVE Your Business

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We've all been there.
You don't feel good, maybe down, little despaired that things are just not happening, or not happening in the magnitude you wish to.
you're stuck.
Vision is lost as to where you want to go and how you're going to be there.
In one word: STUCK.
This, of course, leads to - leaving today's work for tomorrow or better yet- for when you feel much better.
And in the end - work is not done and the results are not there.
Why is that? Your emotions are ruling your life? BUT there is a way out.
There are 5 basic emotions and they call for different types of activities in your business.
Here they are: 1.
MAD (Bother, Irritation, Anger, Rage)
This emotion is a signal, a red flag, that something in your business is just not right and calls for you to do something about it.
For example, If you need to pay bills but there are no clients - you'd better be mad if you don't do anything to change that.
Another example is - if you did a program launch and nobody signed up and you are very mad at your self for not doing it all much better.
Then, the right action could be to - do the program launch over again but become better prepared for it next time.
Being MAD is actually very good feeling for your business.
It basically tells you: DO something! 2.
Sad (Disappointed, Down, Depressed)
This is the well known smell of failure.
It's when you have fallen down and you feel like - even if you get up - it's not gonna work.
Very helpless and powerless feeling.
You might be saying to yourself: Nothing can be done.
Well, not entirely true.
This is the time where you urgently need to get out of your own way of doing things, get a fresh perspective and see that there are other things to do, other roads to take.
If you don't have a coach and you feel this way - go get one.
Your call to action here is to feel hopeless but do it anyway and outgrow yourself, your expectations, your beliefs for what's possible for you.
Glad (Pleased, Happy, Ecstatic)
Don't we all like to have fun and be happy when we are working in / on our business? This is a state of mind which we all deserve to have and all naturally gravitate towards it.
Feeling glad raises your vibration and you get to ask for help from your guides, to ask for favors from the Universe...
and get it.
When you are very happy about what you, about the results you get - you tend to find opportunities all around you.
It's your having faith that all is going to work out and that everything you need to make that extra couple of hundreds or that hundred thousand is already around you - just need to find it.
Scared (Concerned, Worried, Afraid, Anxious, Nervous, Frightened, Terrified, Fearful, Petrified)
I'm sure you are well aware of this feeling.
It shows up late at night when you can't sleep and toss and turn and ask yourself over and over again: Is it going to work? It involves the expectation, sometimes even certainty that you're just not going to make it.
the worst thing fear can do for you is completely freeze you so that you don't move even a baby step ahead and without taking any risk - it's not going to work for real.
On the other side - your call to action is to repeatedly ask yourself: What's the worst that could happen?...
Let me give you a hint here.
The worst thing is - to die with your music still in you.
Guilty (Responsible, Blameworthy, At fault, In the wrong, Embarrassed, Mortified)
It's when you feel bad that you asked to be paid and felt that the other person does not have that much spare money.
Or when you feel bad that you are busy all the time but somehow the piles of work are still not done or the results are...
always yet to come.
See, if you feel bad about something - what you really do is feel bad because it is much more easy to beat yourself up a little than to take responsibility for what has happened or what is happening.
What you say to yourself is: I have no control over this, I have no choice, I feel powerless.
The call to action if you feel like that is: to see in which cases you feel this way and gain back you power in those situations in life or business by taking responsibility.
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