3 Steps to Boost Your Self-Esteem

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Your health, your job and even your relationships can be greatly affected by a low self-esteem.
Some adults have been found out to have a negative perspective of themselves dating back through their childhood years.
However, this can all change by simply reinventing the way you think about yourself.
The willingness in oneself to change will help as become new persons in the way we think, act and feel.
A revolutionary technique known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) will enable an individual to transform an unhealthy thought or a behavioral pattern into something positive.
The basis of this technique relies on how the outcome or action of a person can be influenced by the way they perceive things.
Cognitive behavioral therapy encourages the individual to analyze and challenge every thought and eventually replace them with more optimistic ones.
Thus changing the way people think about themselves and their lives.
Below are three steps on how to increase your self-esteem.
These are based on applying the same principles that are present in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: 1.
Recognize troubling circumstances and be conscious of your thoughts.
A situation will always be the first external factor that will stimulate your thoughts.
Some people may fall under difficult circumstances which will eventually affect their self-esteem thereby resisting change.
Once you're stranded in an unpleasant situation, you should be aware of your thoughts.
You may have positive, negative and neutral ones but it is safer to stay optimistic while you assess everything.
Rule out those negative perceptions.
Once you've identified all your thoughts, it's time to challenge them.
Most people have thinking patterns which would eventually lead them to a negative conclusion such as mental filtering and converting all the positives into negative responses.
Mental filtering means dwelling on all the negative thoughts despite all of the positive results.
This way of thinking only blurs and distorts a pleasant idea of a person or an experience.
Make the change.
Now that you have recognized all of the inaccurate thoughts, go ahead and make the necessary change.
It's not that easy and you will need all the support and encouragement that you can get.
Your environment counts.
That's why it is best to let your friends and loved ones know what you are going through so that they can create a constructive atmosphere where you would be comfortable while you make the change.
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