Why a Newsletter Alone Won"t Turn Your Subscribers Into Coaching Clients

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Have you worked hard to build a list of newsletter subscribers for your coaching practice? Do you struggle to come up with useful content for your newsletter every issue? Is your newsletter helping to turn your subscribers into clients? If the answer to this last question is no, then you need to look at other ways of communicating with your subscribers.
As coaches, many of us learned early in our practice building efforts that a newsletter was a necessary part of our marketing structure.
However, many of us also learned quite quickly that a newsletter takes a lot of work to produce on a consistent basis and doesn't always provide great returns in terms of converting subscribers into clients.
If you find yourself in that situation, where you are slogging to produce a newsletter and not seeing many of your subscribers sign up for your coaching services or products, it's time for you to take a look at other ways you can communicate with your subscribers.
You see these days people are much more receptive to interactive relationships than they are to simply being 'broadcast' to.
Think of the rise of social media and the decline of traditional print media.
Your newsletter, in traditional form, is more of a broadcast piece.
It may be time to add an email campaign to communicate with your subscribers.
This doesn't have to be too difficult or time consuming, but it does open up more two way channels of communication.
You can provide useful tips and information via email, you can let your subscribers know what you are up to in your coaching practice, and most importantly you can ask them for feedback.
Yes, you can use forms and surveys, but you can also just ask them questions, ask them what they need from you.
This approach has many benefits, amongst them are the facts that: It shifts YOUR mindset, it reminds you that your subscribers are actually real people and this approach will allow you to connect with those people in a much more personal way than a newsletter can.
The inverse is true too, your subscribers will start to see you as a real person who can help them and is interested in them - rather than just the name behind that newsletter they receive.
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