Calling on God and Surrender

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We call on God when we are in trouble.
His answers are in every breath.
Surrender is the only way to be in peace.
I saw a bumper sticker the other day "Let go or be dragged!" CALLING ON GOD We cry out in pain, in fear.
We are alone.
We feel helpless.
We tremble with fear.
We are lost.
Our hearts are paralyzed.
Our bodies are sick.
We feel in disbelief, That such a moment has come.
Will it last forever? Fear explodes; It cripples; It makes us hopeless, helpless; It makes us forget the one truth.
In this hour of need, We turn to Him.
We call, we pray.
We plead that He may hear.
We try, we fail.
We suffer.
We fall.
We rise.
In that moment, heaven opens up To our cries.
God answers.
His love pours forth.
His healing shines.
But do we accept? Do we hear His call? Do we feel His benediction? He calls, He comes forth.
His love caresses our tears.
But do we hear? Do we feel? Do we believe? copyright 1994, 2009 Merry C.
Battles SURRENDER God, I surrender.
I have been trying to do it my way For a long time.
Now I hand it over to you.
Take it, use me, guide me, Train me to do your work.
Allow my being to express itself totally, In my uniqueness, in my part of the Divine plan.
Each one a life spirit, One part that makes up the whole.
Let light shine and love beam forth From my memory, to the distant future.
And now, alive, free, guided with your hands.
Your hands become my hands Doing your work.
Thank you for everything! copyright 1994,2009 Merry C.
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