Getting to Know Your Feelings

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For many years, I struggled with the concept of feelings.
I prided myself on the fact that I never got angry and I never cried.
As much as I thought this was a great quality - it kept me from experiencing so much of myself and kept me in a lot of pain.
Even though I claimed I was "feelingless" - they were coming out all over the place...
at the stranger in the car in front of me, at loved ones, sideways, upside down, judgments, self abuse, etc.
When I began to identify and express them I learned to hear their messages and began to trust them to do their job - to guide me, direct me and to clear me out.
What I have learned is that all our feelings are valuable - they all carry a message and are here to guide us.
Our feelings are powerful.
If you learn to listen to them, express them and understand what they are trying to tell you, they are one of your most valuable inner tools.
This month, I invite you to get to know your feelings.
Here are some questions that will help you to get in touch with them.
What are your beliefs about feelings? (ie.
do you believe some feelings are OK and others are not?) 2.
Do you have a prominent feeling? Are angry most of the time? Sad most of the time? Happy most of the time? Are there particular feelings you are experiencing on a regular basis? 3.
Are your feelings authentic? Do you hide them or cover them up? Are they out of control and coming out sideways? 4.
How do you express your feelings? (ie.
when you are having strong feelings, what do you do with them?) 5.
Where do you experience feelings in your body? Notice when you feel sad, frustrated, angry, shameful, excited, happy, content, peaceful - where in your body do you feel these feelings? Get to know your feelings, embrace them, invite them in and listen to their messages...
you will be surprised at what they tell you and how they can help guide you in life.
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