Everything May Be A Metaphor

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Is there such a issue as 'objective reality'? Will we have a tendency to directly sense the planet beyond our own perceptual filters?
According to General Semantics 'the map isn't the territory': our descriptions of events, places, objects and ideas in the planet aren't actually the ideas or physical entities they represent. This may appear obvious however commonly we tend to confuse our illustration of one thing with the factor itself.
To drink rotten milk and exclaim 'that's disgusting' does not mean the milk is objectively disgusting. It might be disgusting for the one that drinks the milk but not essentially for anyone else. Similarly to say 'the sky is blue' is inaccurate if another animal cannot understand the colour blue.
We understand the sky to be blue through our vary of the electromagnetic spectrum but the sky will appear to alternative living creatures differently according to their sensory apparatus. Therefore what we tend to believe to be true concerning many topics might after all only be our beliefs and perceptions (the map) rather than the entire amount of facts and information accessible for them (the territory).
Within the pursuit of knowledge we tend to use models, theories, hypothesis, graphs and other representations to convey concepts. But these tries to quantify and describe the world are continually restricted by our sensory filters. They may after all more accurately describe how evolved the human mind is instead of the universe itself.
Our ancestors used symbol and metaphors to convey knowledge. Through story telling or symbol our ancestors alluded to ideas through analogy and abstraction. During this way complex info was passed down through the centuries. The Dogon and Egyptians in ancient Africa described cosmology through myths, drawings and hieroglyphs. Recent understandings of this have revealed how the ancient representations truly corresponds to our current scientific understanding of cosmology and also the underlying science of atomic, quantum and string theory. Nevertheless are our current models a lot of advanced than the traditional ones? If each maps provide understanding of the territory are they not both effective?
In the present era films and television have become a large half of our storytelling and symbol. Through the mass media powerful metaphors seep into public consciousness. 'The Matrix' and 'Total Recall' evoked deep rooted ideas about the character of reality and our perception of it. They allowed people to query ideas that will normally require a passionate interest in philosophy or metaphysics.
In the identical way, our dreams communicate with us through metaphor. Often we puzzle at the seemingly bizarre and random events that happen in our dreams. Nevertheless through introspection we will discover that the dream is a symbol; an analogy of a state of affairs or issue in our life that serves to supply valuable insight into that terribly subject. Together definition states: "metaphor is seeing something from the point of view of something else". Generally it is this totally different view purpose that yields a clearer understanding of something.
The necessary lesson is to appreciate that we may never really recognize all there is to know about a subject. We have a tendency to may develop rich understandings of a topic however which will not quantity to mastery of the subject in its entirety. As our maps become a lot of complicated we have a tendency to can gain larger amounts of understanding of our territory. However they will perpetually be simply maps. As David Leary stated:
"All data is ultimately rooted in metaphorical (or analogical) modes of perception and thought."
We tend to all exist in our personal universes. Life isn't objective as we tend to filter expertise through our senses, beliefs and values. To measure in a very better world we have a tendency to sometimes want to step out of our personal universe and attempt to perceive the world through a totally different prism for a change.
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