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Organization skills are not learned, usually.
You probably remember your mom yelling "clean up your room", but there wasn't an actual educational plan in HOW to "clean" or "organize" your room.
Cleaning and organizing are two separate skill sets all together.
Cleaning involves rags, solutions and those new floor cleaners that vacuum and steam all in one.
Organizing is all about...
According to the free Merriam Webster online, the word organize is synonymous with arrange, array, classify, codify, dispose, draw up, lay out, marshal, order, range and systematize, and the word organize antonyms are derange, disarrange, disarray, disorder, mess (up), muss (up), rumple and upset.
No wonder people feel deranged when they are all mussed up.
Organizing one's self would be the place to start if you want your space to look ordered, and for all the trash to be disposed of.
The key word in the previous sentence is "if".
People usually only want to get organized, when they want to get organized.
Getting organized is not a mandatory law or one of the 10 commandments, so it only happens if you want it to, and most likely "if" the IRS is knocking on your door or your mother is coming to visit.
No wonder people don't dream about their ideal lifestyle all that much...
too busy being disarranged, disordered, rumpled and upset.
The state of disarray can start to be the norm and the standard "lifestyle" nightmare.
So the question is how does one get from disorganized chaos to organized order? Is it simple? Yes, organizing your self and space can be achieved.
The first step is to want to get organized inside yourself.
Self Organization starts with defining what your ideal lifestyle would look like.
Jot down at least 30 concepts, ideas, or dreams you have about your ideal life.
You might have to watch a few light comedies, or some action hero cartoons to start to get motivated, or remember what you did dream about when you dreamed, but you can do it.
Think about what you value in life and actually write it down.
Is it money? Is it a fancy car? Is it a lover? Is it better relationships or a better career? And whatever you do don't lie to yourself.
It is damaging when people say "it doesn't have to be" that great of a job, partner, car or career.
Saying "it doesn't have to be" is the way it will be.
So if you say "she doesn't have to be that great looking", or "he doesn't have to be that smart", guess what? You manifested a not so hot or smart partner.
How about, instead, saying "I want it to be..
this way", and putting that into the universe.
After you draw up and lay out what it is you want for your self, space organization is the next step.
Since the outer is a reflection of the inner, your outer space will want to catch up to the new inner you.
Space organization has been written about in 1000's of books, magazines, and now is taught on national television.
Organizing a room or an entire home or business is just plain old planning, executing and physical labor, which you yourself can do, or you can hire someone else to do it for you.
You will only want that outer organization, in your space, when you feel organized, and self realized on the inside.
So go ahead and get started on living your ideal lifestyle now! Go ahead write your list!
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