Avoid Becoming Like Demas and Do Whatever You Can to Be Rescued and Saved From Such a Decision!

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Demas is not a friend, although I would have so liked to have got alongside him, if only to discover why he made this appalling and dreadful decision.
May you never become a Demas.
This is a very real warning to me so that I may never end up acting like Demas.
Some leaders do end up like Demas and over a lengthy period I have had the misfortune to meet some and such men, and women, have brought my heart near to breaking point.
Should you want me to develop this crucial matter and come and speak and teach on this topic I would willingly do so and this website has excellent facilities for contacting the author and writer.
This is a vital matter and lessons do need to be learned and learned fast.
He had been a highly respected disciple of Jesus Christ and then Demas gave up and ran away and resigned and left beloved Paul in that prison in Rome.
Yes, some people leave us when we may most need them to be around.
His light seemed to be covered with some fog.
Did some foggy thinking creep into his mind and some confused thinking fill that life which had shown such potential? Clouds and greyness and sullen skies obscured that bright faith of earlier days! This is not imaginative thinking! Did he make a final visit to Paul in Rome? Use your sanctified imagination and learn the lessons from this passage because there are certainly many lessons to be learned.
I have met many men like Demas over these past forty years and they have brothers and sisters around today.
Imagine him if he had gone to Paul for a final visit.
What would his words be like? "I have come", gazing at the ground because he is unable to face the apostle, "I have come to hand back my commission.
Paul I have come to say "Good-bye.
" Surely Demas, you are not pulling out now.
Surely, you are not withdrawing now.
No, I have made up my mind.
Paul I do not want to hurt you, but there are other irons in that worldly fire which has not gone out.
Demas, it is not me you are hurting, man.
It is Christ Jesus! Do you not see how the cause of Jesus Christ needs you? Demas, do not turn your back on Him! Demas, does not the cross on which Jesus Christ died for you because he so loved you - does not that cross cut off what you are contemplating? Can the cross not hold you to the path of loyalty and honour and service? Paul the cause has grown.
Jesus Christ has missionaries all over the world.
He will never miss me! What difference can one man make? Anyway Paul, it is settled.
My mind is made up.
I am going.
I leave Rome tonight! Demas, my friend, remember this, "No matter where you go, nothing on earth is ever going to satisfy you again.
" That night Paul takes up his pen and jots down in his notes, "Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world.
" You will find these words recorded in Paul's letter to Timothy in the New Testament.
That must have been a sore painful experience for Paul as he languished in jail in Rome and was soon to lose his life for his faith in Jesus Christ.
What does the love of the world mean? Does it mean that we have to break off every contact with that world out there? That would be a calamitous misinterpretation of Jesus Christ and the Incarnation.
Yes, love of the world is damaging, but we had better be clear what it is not.
Faith in Jesus Christ is not a world despising thing, shunning everything out there as if it were irrelevant or unclean.
Not a bit of it and we must explore what this entire concept really means.
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