Success And Personal Growth: Part 2 Of A 3 Part Series

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When you are growing as a person, you are realizing the greatness within you that is already in existence. There is so much to discover within you that you will never get it done. Start with these basic traits and you will not only feel better you will have better relationships with your loved ones.

1) Learn the art of forgiveness. When you nurture hatred, anger and resentment, these emotions will consume your energy making it impossible to move forward.

2) Always be open to learning new things, be coachable and willing to stretch yourself. When you are open to learning, to changing, you will be growing. In that growth process you will find ultimate success.

3) Work on being happy and feeling good. When you feel bad or unhappy, you are allowing bad circumstances to enter your life; this is such a vital tool for success. When you are feeling bad, you must look at what you are thinking about and change your thoughts so that you will start to feel better. When you feel better you will be more successful. It is the Law of Attraction.

4) Always be ready for the challenges. The hills and valleys of life are a part of life. They will always be there, they are lessons and they are building blocks.

5) Never give up on your dreams. Sometimes we need to make modifications along the way, however our dreams are our key to success. Give them attention, energy, focus, and take action to make them happen.

6) Strive to be helpful, courteous and charitable. Always think of others, it is the right way to live and you will feel good doing it. It is important to feel as good as you can to live a truly successful life.

7) Be appreciative of others efforts, suggestions and contributions. When you show appreciation for others, you create a good rapport and open the relationship up for all kinds of possibilities.

8) Strive for excellence, always be the best of you, and when you are not the best, look for ways to improve.

9) Always be trustworthy not only to others but to yourself. When you have a reputation for being honest, reliable, responsible and trustworthy, people will want to do business with you. It will be easy to earn their loyalty and you will have improved upon your self esteem.

10) Do not live with regret or worry. Regret is in the past and worry is in the future. All we have is now and if you live in the joy of now, you will set yourself up for a successful future

Robin Buckley
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