Let Your Thoughts Have Their Freedom

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If I said to you; "Whatever you do, don't think about a gorilla in a bikini.
" The next thing to pop into your mind would be the fetching sight of a bikini-clad gorilla! If someone tells you not to look round, but they've just seen the man who insulted your wife, it almost forces you to look.
Another example would be one carried out by the University of California.
Half of a group of people were told a fact and that it was vital that they keep it secret.
The other half were told the same fact, but no-one said anything about secrecy.
It was found that the ones told to keep it secret were far more likely to tell someone about that fact.
But this state goes far beyond abstract thoughts.
A good example is trying to go to sleep if you're angry or upset about something.
Indeed, more likely if you're worried about actually going to sleep itself.
Let your thoughts have their freedom, and this is where hypnotherapy comes into its own, as it does in the treatment and cure of so many conditions.
You wish so very much that you could give up smoking.
You've tried, it's worked for a while, but the temptation's been too much and you've slipped back.
You keep trying, but just when you think you've cracked it, back you go again.
The whole point with hypnosis is to make smoking something you don't even think about.
It won't require any will power, because the whole act of smoking will be meaningless.
Another piece of more risque research involved forbidden flirting as opposed to 'open' flirting.
One part of this research had the subjects playing footsie during a game of cards.
Half were told to hide their foot flirting under the table, while the other half were told to let it all hang out, so to speak! Flirt quite openly.
Unsurprisingly, I think, the secret 'footsies' were more attracted to each other than the ones who were flirting in the open.
It's the same with smoking.
The person who's supposed to have given up, but nips round the corner for a 'quick one', enjoys it far more than the person who still smokes openly.
A hypnotic method which is sometimes used is to have the smoker, drinker, binge eater; whatever their particular problem may be, and when they're under hypnosis, imagine all their family standing there watching them indulge their particular failing.
This can help them nullify their fixation and make it less attractive.
Here's one a lot of husbands will identify with.
Our wives drag us off to pay a visit on a couple, and we, the husband, can't stand the husband/wife.
So our wife tells us to 'be nice'.
She'd be far better advised to tell us that the man's been ill recently and is looking forward to seeing us both.
'Be nice' is like a red rag to a bull!
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