Mental Fitness - Stop Anger Before it Gets You!

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We may feel peaceful and contented but a slight happening and with an over reaction of our psychological defence mechanism, everything changes.
We are wrong to say " I got angry" because in fact it is anger that comes and gets you.
We don't usually decide to get angry - it just happens.
No one likes to feel anger and experience the sudden and uncomfortable physiological and psychological reactions - blood rushing to the face, eyes glaring, the voice becoming tense and hard and an overall awareness of loss of self control together with increased energy.
This all adds up to a potentially dangerous situation which can become destructive for all concerned.
Angry people say things they don't really mean.
We all know the regret we feel after we have allowed negative words and feelings to be expressed in anger.
And we can never take back any hurtful words.
As the wise words of the ancients remind us ..
"There are two things that come not back - the spent arrow and the spoken word.
" Anon Anger makes us want to act in some way or even fight with someone else.
Anger in someone makes us want to run away.
Anger contorts the face and the personality of the one suffering this psychological disturbance.
Anger is a build up of destructive energies like electrical storms or tornados.
Anger is an unattractive and harmful emotion.
And when we are angry we do not feel good.
Some simple advice if you feel yourself getting angry is to stop still and take some deep breaths.
Do not talk to anyone until you calm down.
Ensure that by changing your position, walking outside or having a few minutes alone you return to your mental control centre having had an opportunity to take an different perspective on the issue.
If you let anger make you its victim you may find the habit develops into the conditions we are faced with in extreme displays of anger in society such as violent crime and road rage.
Decide to stop the habit now!
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