Starting Conversations With Attractive Women

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Starting Conversation As soon as you see a woman you’re attracted to you must approach immediately, if you don’t approach and stall then eventually you’ll talk yourself out of it.
Here are examples of what usually goes through most mens heads: “She’s probably got a boyfriend” “She looks snooty she’ll probably turn her back on me” “Those girls look totally into their conversation…I’ll only be interrupting and in the way” “She’s probably got no personality” Most guys who think these thoughts tend to go home alone with their tail between their legs…the ultimate walk of shame l…alone, while thinking that maybe approaching could have dealt them a different hand of cards.
So don’t take that chance and start approach more often.
Starting Conversations With Groups Of Girls When beginning conversations with ‘groups’ of girls you need to get the attention of the entire group, if you manage to get the attention and hold it then ultimately you will be engaging them all, however if you only get the attention of one, then her friends will talk among another and drag her away from you.
After all you’re just another guy trying to crack on her, and her friends are there to ‘save’ her.
Girls usually go out in groups and rarely by themselves…in fact to be honest I’ve never come across a girl who goes out by herself…The reasoning of this is: -Protection; to make sure she doesn’t get mugged or even worse.
-A Buddy; to talk to (obvious) -Validation; Girls actually like attention from men, they spend literally hours getting their nails, hair and make up on…They do this to GET ATTENTION…which is exactly what they get.
Another interesting observation is that girls ‘cling’ to other attractive females as this gets them even MORE attention, have you ever seen a group of absolutely STUNNING girls…of course you have, how do you think they met? They bumped into eachother at the local supermarket and decided to ‘hang out’.
No that’s not how it went down.
They were introduced most likely through a 3rd party i.
a friend, school, work etc etc.
Do they hang out with all people they meet at these places, NO THEY DON’T…girls ‘select’ who they will meet and be around more...
They usually select the more attractive of women.
Girls have choices, when it comes to friends and especially men.
No matter how exclusive you think you are women will be getting offers from other men indefinitely, if she’s attractive at least ten (10) other men.
This is sad I know.
But this is reality.
The Approach-3 SIMPLE STEPS -Walk immediately up to her making and maintain eye contact -SMILE -Pause very briefly then launch in a loud voice your prepared and rehearsed default conversation starter.
Which we will discuss in a second.
What to talk about- Women love conversations that spark their interest and curiosity.
Anything in fact to do with fashion, celebrities, gossip and relationships PLUS another 10,000 things these are just a few examples.
Keep the conversation in the beginning stages light and engaging, and nothing to do with: -Their age -Work -Where they live or you -What they enjoy doing on the weekend -Whether they are single A common mistake with many guys is they offer too much about themselves too early thereby killing any mysteriousness and intrigue.
You are in a way cutting threads of conversation that SHE MAY initiate later on in case the conversation goes sour.
Don’t ask too many questions to begin with as about 90% of guys do this, if you want to stand out then keep the conversation AWAY from asking her TOO MANY QUESTIONS.
Don’t make her feel as though its an interview.
Personally I don’t ask their name until 4-5 minutes into the conversation.
When approaching you must never face them directly, ALWAYS at an angle.
Here are some of my most used conversational starters whether it be a day approach or a night.
Default Conversational Starters “Hey can I get your perspective on this…Do I look like a drug dealer..
I was just approached by an Irish guy with orange hair and freckles wanting some skittles… ” “Hey...
I need to ask your serous opinion on something here…do you find David Hasselhoff Hot?...
my 8 year old cousin is SO in love with him, she is obsessed with him” “I have to say you guys have a positive energy going on here, what’s the deal who are you?” When you have enough experience in approaching and reciting conversational starters it soon becomes ‘not what you say but how you say it’.
With enough practice and repetitive interaction it becomes more natural and flows with more ease, as though you just thought of the conversational thread there on the spot.
I hope to see you soon In your corner Alex Coulson Free Audio Reveals Dating Secrets [http://www.
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