Listening to Yourself: The Key to Being Healthy and Happy

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How can you tell whether you are truly healthy and happy? Do you gauge it on your own terms, or do you depend on other people's opinions of you? If you practice the latter, then you should really rethink what you've been doing. The only person who can really, truly tell whether your quality of life is great or not is you. Can people feel what you feel? Can they get inside your head? No? Then why deny your thoughts and feelings in favor of others'?

If your aunt, for instance, keeps wheedling you to shrink to a size two for €health€ reasons, should you really take her that seriously? Or if your favorite professor in college insists that a healthy and happy life can only be achieved if you accomplish a Masters and PhD right after graduating, regardless of your interest to get a job right away, should you take him seriously?

If you're a size six and feel fit and fine, why force yourself to whittle your body down? If you'd rather be employed and start earning ASAP, then why bog yourself down in the world of academics? You should only do these things if they will honestly make you feel healthier and happier. If you do feel sluggish in you current weight, then by all means, exercise! If the career you seek involves making tenure at a top university, then crack those books open! To be healthy and happy, you need to listen to your own needs and desires. Life is way too short to cater to other people's expectations.

Some of these expectations, in fact, can be outright dangerous. Take for instance, having to shrink to a size two. Is this even as €healthy€ as it's being made out to be? Always make sure to do your research and practice the things tailor-fit to your physical, mental, and emotional characteristics. Remember: popular opinion is not necessarily the correct opinion. When in doubt, follow your gut instinct.

When it comes to the direction your life should take, only you should serve as the sole navigator. If you want a healthy and happy life, live it the way you've always wanted to. Once you do, you'll wonder why you ever denied yourself anything in the first place. It will shock you when you realize how much time you've been wasting doing absolutely useless things. But for the most part, this realization will definitely hearten you and encourage you to keep being your true self.

Your life is yours to grow. There are so many possibilities waiting for you, and it would make no sense for you to limit yourself. The most successful people in history focused on making sure that their quality of life got top priority, so why shouldn't you? The happier you are, the more you will be able to achieve with what you have. The world, as they say, will definitely become your oyster.

So, what are you doing still sitting here? It's now time to get out of your dark little corner and have a blast!

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