Investigating Your Power of Influence

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All powerful leaders have to some extent developed their power of influence.
To lead people you have to be able to influence or persuade them that by following you they can derive some benefit.
Lets first define exactly what influence is.
com defines it like this.
"The action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc.
, of another or others.
Ryan Angelo defines it similarly.
"It is an art and a skill to affect the character of another, add to their development or beneficially direct their behavior.
We can gain a bit of clarity often by looking at what something is not.
Influence is not force or coercion.
Force will most often result in conflict and even if successful it will not be permanent or beneficial for either party.
Influence is far more powerful then force or coercion because force is applied from the outside and when the force is removed the power is also gone.
Influence works from the inside out and allows for conscious choice.
Someone who chooses to do something is far more likely to follow through then someone who was forced to do something.
3 Tips for Improving your Power of Influence 1.
Who you are is going to be the most important factor in your ability to influence.
What is your confidence level in yourself? Are you perceived as a strong leader? Are you compassionate, caring and have the sincere intention of helping.
You can be whoever you want to be.
Be confident and strong.
In order to influence someone, we must know where they are right now, and where they want to go.
If you do not know this then what you are trying to do is force your own agenda on them and this is not influence.
You must also understand what their motivations are.
Are they motivated to get away from discomfort or towards something more pleasurable? What is driving them? 3.
Then you must create a path for them to get from point A to point B.
How are you going to get them to see the benefits of being at point B.
Can you get them to actually see and feel themselves at point B.
Bonus tip #4.
This is a very brief look at the power of influence.
I would really recommend you study all you can get your hands on and especially Ryan Angelo's "Alpha Influence" course.
Is Using Your Power of Influence Ethical? Often we get the question, is it right and ethical to use our superior skills of influence on others.
By definition, influence is to beneficially direct their actions or behaviors, and it is done in such a way that choice is always left open.
If our intention is to seriously help another, it is our duty and responsibility to do it in the most skillful and effective way possible.
To try to help someone and then fail at it because you are not knowledgeable and skillful in the art of influence is regrettable.
Let's look at a simple example.
You have a friend that is an alcoholic.
You know and he knows that his behavior is not in his or his loved ones best interest.
If you were to try and force him to not drink, you would have to be with him 24/7 and both of you would be prisoners and really nothing would have changed.
If you tried to influence him to change by simply telling him he needs to stop drinking (ineffective strategy) you would probably have little success.
But what if you had the sincere intention to help him and were a master at influence and you could bring to bear all the laws and strategies that effect human behavior and motivation and your skill at influencing it and actually influenced him to make a better choice for his life.
Is that ethical? Is it your responsibility to use all the skill you have at your disposal? I'll let you decide on an individual case by case basis.
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