Why You Should Keep Smiling

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A smile can be so infectious! If initiated, you will spark a chain of response instantaneously.
What is more? You find yourself looking attractive as people are drawn to you.
So, how often do you smile? Considering that it makes it worthwhile for you, when it reflects the state of your being as one of happiness and a boost for your self esteem.
Do you know that smiling is good for your health and relationship? Find out why when you smile at a minimum of ten times a day, it can keep your troubles and moodiness at bay.
Your face is comprised of forty-four muscles, allowing you to make so many varying types of facial expressions.
Now, it's time to make use of them...
by smiling! You have reasons to smile, so let us find out why:-
  • Makes you more attractive - Humans are social creatures and are drawn to those who smile.
    By simply smiling, you will enhance your facial features for free.
  • It is contagious - Not only do you look happy, but it is effective in changing the moods of others around you.
    Smile, for you are drawing people to you.
  • Makes you happy - Can you be sad and smiling simultaneously? Know that it is possible to trick your body into changing your mood for good.
  • Releases stress - To add to our disadvantage, stress really sabotage our countenance and composure.
    Take time to put on a bright smile to counteract stress against all odds.
    You will be surprised by the results, when you keep doing it and be happy.
  • Boosts your immune system -You are boosting it every time you smile and it helps to improve your immune system.
  • Makes you look younger - Forget about having a Face-lift! Start smiling more frequently instead.
    The facial muscles when used, will automatically lift up the face--sparing you from going under a scalpel!
  • Lowers your blood pressure - There is a measurable reduction in your blood pressure associated with it.
    Do a little test at home if you possess a blood pressure monitor set.
    Record a reading when you are seated for a few minutes, then take another reading of your blood pressure as you keep smiling.
    Notice any difference?
  • It's a natural drug - Studies have recorded that it releases a natural analgesic in the body called endorphin and serotonin, to help ease the pain if any, thus keeping us in a good mood.
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