Family Familiarity

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The senior executive of a LLC recently resigned from her high-flying job to spend more time with her family.
When questioned by the media, she said thoughtfully, "I'm not leaving because my children need me.
I'm leaving because I need my children.
" In our modern world where children are more advanced earlier, we must not miss these most valuable of opportunities to provide good models for them.
How well do you want to know your children? Do you know what's bothering them on a daily basis? Do you know in what area of their curriculum they need help and support? Do you know what they're thinking? Sitting around the table with your children for dinner is still a great way to connect as is a walk in the countryside or a game of sport where you can play together or against each another.
Daily familiarity is more rewarding than, say, a weekly trip to the cinema and shops or even an annual vacation abroad.
Consider the comparison between one pianist who practices for fifteen minutes per day and another who practices once a week for an hour and three - quarters.
The former cultivates success through daily familiarity.
And we can nurture that same familiarity with our children by giving them fifteen minutes of our time, one to one, every day.
What is the one thing that you want more of in your life? What is the thing that you have total control over? What is the most precious thing that once it's gone you can never recapture? For many of us, it will be the time we have to spend with our children.
How many times have we seen adults who don't seem to get this part right? Coaching, as is the case in life, is largely about making decisions and choices.
Bob made choices, choices to pursue his career goals, choices to pursue the professional fast-track instead of the "daddy" track, and he now understands that some things are priceless and that no amount of money or success ever allow one to get a glimpse of more important moments.
Bob would trade it all to get back the first recital, the first home run, the first moment of the college acceptance letter being opened.
Bob's life is instructive for a very important reason, they just want you to be a part of the smallest moments in their lives.
Make the choice, make the decision, make it happen today.
As almost everyone knows today, the opportunities to positively influence a child are becoming more and more precious while becoming very rare indeed.
Don't pass on the next opportunity.
What's more important: the LLC or the TLC?
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