Goal Setting As the Secret for a Successful Life

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Successful people are people who live intensely goal orientated lives by implementing the discipline of goal setting.
They normal have a written out goal statement or a list of clearly defined goals with specific measures to indicate to them when a specific goal has been achieved.
This goal setting statement is not just a vague or generalized statement.
If you study any number of self improvement books you will usually be advised that "goal setting" is one of the principal ways to ensure a successful life.
This raises the question: "Why do people often attempt goal setting, simply to be unsuccessful and be frustrated with the process and the outcomes?" Brian Tracy offers four potential reasons in his book "Goals! How to Get Everything You want, Faster than You Ever Thought Possible" for why people fail at goal setting.
  • Goals are not Important.
The fact is, the importance of goals cannot be emphasised enough, however most people just do not recognize the importance of goal setting.
This is most likely due to the fact that they were not raised in a home where goal setting and achieving the set goals was practised.
They therefore did not learn the important skill of goal setting as part of their upbringing.
Without the integration of goal setting as part of their lives people just do not value it as an important part of their success, or the lack thereof.
  • They Don't Know How.
People often do not practise goal setting because they simply do not know how to go about it.
Many times people are under the impression that they do have goals, while actually they only have a series of vague dreams or wishes like "To be happy" or "To make a lot of money".
A goal is distinctively different from a dream or a wish.
It is clear, specific and written down.
It has measurable outcomes to indicate with no uncertainty when the goal is achieved.
  • The Fear of Failure
People have an inherit fear of failure.
They therefore don't set goals simply because they are afraid of failing or not achieving the set goal.
No one enjoys failing.
It is painful often on many levels and depending on the area of failure, can cause different levels of distress in a person.
Failure is unfortunately not something that cannot be avoided altogether.
The way one responds to failure can however be controlled.
Failure must be seen as building blocks for a successful life and every failure moves you one step closer to living this successful life.
  • The Fear of Rejection
Closely linked to The Fear of Failure is The Fear of Rejection.
The Fear of Rejection in goal setting is situated in the notion that when a person fail to achieve a specific goal, that person will be less acceptable to friends, family and peers.
Instead of setting goals people then tend to shy away from clearly written down goals.
The key is to implement a measure of confidentiality about your goals.
You do not need to publicise everything about your personal goals.
You can allow the results to speak for itself, when you do achieve your goals.
It is important to remember that successful people do not see goal setting as an isolated activity from the rest of their lives.
Goal setting form an integral part of their lives, allowing them to live much more focussed lives.
The advantages of living with goal setting as an integrated part of their life, is the fact that these people enjoy more financial security, more rewarding relationships, are more at peace with themselves and accomplish a great deal more than most people could possibly dream of.
The capability each one of us has for goal setting is a critical factor in personal success.
Living a goal orientated life assists in unlocking a positive mindset.
This in turn releases the necessary energy to do whatever it takes to achieve the goal.
Goal setting can therefore be regarded as the master skill of a successful life.
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