Why is Fun Not Fun Anymore

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Everyday, thousands of people always wonder why they have no fun left in their lives.
Is it because we all grow up and have to deal with stress, or is it because we have forgot how to have fun? Most often, one of the reasons is that we allow other things in our lives to dictate how we will react.
Some of these things seem to be the requirements of our jobs where keeping it all together means that we are denied the perception that fun equates to not doing your job.
Those employers or bosses who have fun on the job also seem to have a much happier crew to work with.
Fun doesn't mean that the job or tasks don't get done.
It simply means that we are given the go-ahead to be real people where fun means we are alive and can express our personality in unconfined structure.
Take the boss who always likes to joke around with their staff; here is a situation where humour in the workplace can help to relieve the stress associated with demanding tasks, or where a team has to pull together on a long-term basis to get a project up and running.
Wouldn't you rather work with a boss with a sense of humour than a boss who never loosens up, is always serious, and castrates any outbursts of fun as if the plague just got passed out? We also need to invest in playtime where fun is spontaneous again and where small things in life are viewed all in good humour just like when we play crazy make believe games with our children.
Fun, when equated with laughter, is good medicine for the soul.
There is nothing more advantageous for our silly bone than a great, deep guffaw and is even funnier when we are able to laugh at our own expense.
Fun is not reserved for children, nor is fun a dirty word or activity in the work environment.
I know a former senior executive who took her two females managers with her to a senior staff meeting dressed in the same exact attire and wearing bunny ears.
And, while there were odd looks around the stuffy boardroom table, there was also broad grins and silent approval.
Their message was delivered professionally and to the point without compromise but it was all done with a sense of fun.
And, no she didn't get fired.
After all, who would dare release from employment a senior executive who showed a little ingenuity, a big dose of fun all the while delivering the goods as required? The short message is this: don't take yourself so seriously that fun is only a distant memory once enjoyed as part of a normal daily diet.
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