The Importance of Sanctity for Your Happiness

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After continuing Carl Jung's research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation I discovered that all the absurdity found in the human psyche belongs to the anti-conscience, the wild side of our conscience.
The unconscious mind that produces our dreams has a saintly nature and words like a natural doctor and spiritual guide.
The unconscious mind possesses undoubtable sanctity.
This is your best guarantee that you will be surely helped if you'll follow the guidance you have in dream messages.
Sanctity is purity, sincerity, wisdom, compassion, goodness, humbleness, and support.
You must be grateful for having the chance to learn the divine guidance in your own dreams now that you can immediately translate the dream images into words that you can understand.
My work simplified the process of dream translation and psychotherapy.
You don't really know the meaning of sanctity because you follow the absurd concepts of the atheistic and materialistic modern civilization, which is a cruel civilization that neglects the importance of religion, philosophy, and art.
Your barbarous civilization makes you care only about being productive and making money.
You are induced to be a selfish consumer who never stops feeding your ego.
Sanctity doesn't seem to be something useful in your cruel and individualistic world.
You believe that the attempt to purify your spirit is an unnecessary and tiring practice that won't really help you in life.
You are eluded by the illusions of the material reality and by the narrow-minded concepts of your under-developed historical time.
The human race is too far from wisdom.
We still are in a stage of development that doesn't differ so much from the time when we used to live in caves.
Our technological and scientific progress didn't help us find peace and happiness.
You must escape the tragic destiny of those who are misled by false promises based on ignorance and greed.
Attaining sanctity is the purpose of your life.
You must attain sanctity and be a perfect human being.
When you are perfect you are always happy with yourself, and everyone is happy with your existence.
The unconscious mind helps you attain a higher level of knowledge and sensitivity, which surpasses the narrow-minded concepts of the barbarous modern civilization.
You'll learn how to always control your mind and behavior by eliminating the negative characteristics of your personality.
The unconscious mind shows you all dangers, and all the solutions you need.
The protection of the saintly unconscious mind in your dreams will surely help you successfully solve all problems and positively transform your personality and life.
There is no doubt that the unconscious mind knows what is best for you and how you can be helped.
This security is true relief for you.
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