April - One Thing to Affirm

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The month of April is a very important month in the life of God's children.
April helps us to understand that there are so many rewards, blessings and sure promises that are awaiting all of us as God's children.
The question is how would you feel if you have one of these promises of God that contains all the gifts that you need in your life and yet it doesn't play out as you expect? Well, this is why the month of April becomes very important.
It means, "All-round Promises Rested In your Life" (Matthew 28:20).
It is telling you and I that no matter the present situation of our life today, we have a Father who loves and cares for us and can never give us out as a reject.
People who work in factories are not strangers to certain facts about finished products.
At the finish line, a routine check is always carried out to make sure the products did not come out substandard, because at any point where a substandard product is cited, it is quickly taken out into a pile of rejects.
This also takes place in many areas of our individual or corporate lives - in the school hallways, in corporations, in the military and tragically, sometimes even in the Churches.
Timothy is a perfect example of the case at hand.
The Bible tells us that Timothy experienced this problem the moment he landed into this world.
He was a reject.
Born into the family of a Jewish mother and a Greek father (Acts 16:1), a child like him would normally be regarded as illegitimate, who could probably not take part in Jewish cultures as a bona fide member of the community.
Timothy could not help himself, but he did not end up a reject.
He became Paul's true son in the faith (I Timothy 1:2).
Paul had a way of scooping up rejects from the world and turning them loose for ministry.
He learned this, of course, from Jesus.
Are you aching from the punches of rejection in this sinful world, remember the month of April has good news for you.
It reminds you that God has not turned you away, especially in your present condition, and the moment you come to Him, He'll gladly receive you.
You are not a reject! You are a true son or daughter of God through faith in the Saviour Jesus Christ.
If you believe this, here is one thing to always affirm: "Lo, I am with you ALWAYS, even to the end of the world", so why worry about health, wealth and provisions? You are not a reject - God is in charge of your life.
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