How To Fall In Love With Your Call Again

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Start by believing in your heart that your ministry equips people to live a Christ-quality life.
When you love ministry and demonstrate that love, your expressions of ministry impact people more than you can imagine.
You will help people grow.
At times you will swing from tender leader to fiery prophet to pleading priest.
You will enrich your life too.
You will stand taller and noble.
You will be more spiritual and less scalar.
You will have a cause to live for, to fight for and to die for.
You will feel a sense of purpose, of making a different and of recovered self-worth.
Wrap your arms around your ministry, and it will love you back in ways beyond your loftiest dreams.
The leader who relives their call and choose to fall in love with their call all over again will declare their eagerness to go beyond their own inadequacies Christ likeness.
- My failure to be even to my own accepted standards.
- My self-deception in face of temptation.
- My choosing of the worst when I know the better.
- My failure to apply to myself the standards of conduct I demand of others.
- My blindness toward wrongs that do not touch my own case and my over sensitiveness to those that do.
- My slowness to see the good in my follows and to see the evil in myself.
- My hardness of heart toward my neighbors fault and my readiness to make allowance to my own: and - My unwillingness to believe God has called me to a small work and my brother to a great one.
In the rough-and- tumble of ministry, every day brings some confusing events, disturbing ambiguities, wild fantasies or strange affiliations that team up to cause a servant-leader to question his adequacy, his commitment of his effectiveness.
Although each new struggle may be slightly different, it is a struggle nonetheless, it is precisely in the midst of these questions and change points-whether they are personal, family or professional-that our Lord comes and reminds us.
"I have special need of you for a unique task even when you are at a high noon in these struggles" To fall in love with your ministry/calling, • Act as though you love ministry.
• Personalize your ministry renewal.
• Contemporize your message • Grow beyond your ministry" honeymoon" • Nurture your call.
• Allow God to make ministry specific.
• Ask God for visionary greatness.
• Welcome the disciplining and stretching of God.
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