How to Establish Momentum and Take Decisive Action that Makes You Money

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Here's a secret of success. Establish momentum in the moment after you say "I'm going to do this!" and just before you actually do it.

Here's why this is important. You won't stop to second guess your plan or doubt your ability to carry it out. And you will not talk yourself out of what might be a wonderful success.

Instead, you will build a head of steam before you even get started and establish a state of mind that will sweep you on to victory.

Momentum gives you an advantage that few of your competitors even imagine. It sparks the mental and emotional atmosphere of success that carries you all the way up to and including cashing the check.

Here is a very simple and effective way to do this. Mentally replay three successes in rapid succession. Here is what happens as you remember three successes in rapid succession.

You re-experience the feelings of confidence that marked those experiences and you feel buoyed by the feelings you felt at the time. Most importantly, you magnify the feelings of each individual memory by blending all three together.

And your mind can do this at lightning speed. Your mind can combine three memories of confidence into an overwhelming sense of momentum in a few seconds.

Here's how to do this:

Call to mind a moment of confidence when you were poised and self-assured. This confident moment can be about money, business, or anything else. The subject matter is not as important as the feeling of confidence that the memory evokes.

See this scene as if through your own eyes. Let your imagination make the colors of this image dazzling and vibrant.

Let your mind set this image in motion and watch it as a mental movie. Let the feelings of confidence that you experienced at that moment empower your state of mind in the present moment.

Without any delay whatsoever, repeat the above process with another past moment of confidence. Then repeat it again with yet another past moment of confidence. Replay all three a time or two.

By now, you feel the feeling of empowering confidence and a successful outcome waiting to happen. And you feel absolutely certain that if "I did it before, I can do it again!"

Here's how to turn this technique into momentum and a big check. Get started immediately! Take action while the feeling of confidence is at its peak.

Any delay will cost you the momentum you just built. And it might cost you a big check.
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