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Have you ever found yourself wishing for just a few more hours in the day so you could get caught up? One of the biggest complaints from busy people is that they just don't have enough time.
The truth of the matter is, you have just as much time each day as everyone else.
It is more a matter of time management than not having enough time.
Let's face it, without developing a good habit of time management more hours in the days probably would not result in better productivity.
If you want to be free of the feeling of being overworked you need to make sure you are using what time you do have more productively.
A big misconception is that managing your time requires a daily planner with every waking moment scheduled in advance.
Before you even start your workday you plan out exactly what you will be doing at any given moment.
The problem with that approach is that you really don't know what all you will be facing in the coming day.
One phone call from a big client could destroy your entire schedule.
A good time management plan helps you get the things accomplished that need to be done, but still gives you the freedom to handle emergency situations.
It means that you do need to think through your day, and to know what it is that needs to get done, and then prioritizing your to-do list so that the most important things get done first.
This will give you more time to work on critical items before moving on to the items of lesser importance.
Along with making a prioritized to-do list, you should start aggressively eliminating time wasters from your day.
Many people live with their email client open, and they feel like they need to respond to every message the moment it appears in their inbox.
The truth is, very few emails require an immediate response.
Every time you stop what you are working on to open your inbox, you are breaking the flow of productivity.
Even if you return to your task right away, it will take you several moments to get back up to speed.
Some time management experts have estimated that continually starting and stopping a task can increase the time it takes to accomplish the task by up to five times.
Another big enemy of productivity is personal visits with co-workers.
Unless you really pay attention to it, you are probably not aware of the time spent on things that are not work related.
You need to be diligent enough to tell people that you have work to do, and cut your social visits short..
By prioritizing your work list so you can work on your most important tasks first, and then reducing the number of distractions from your work day, you will begin to see immediate improvement in your productivity.
Time management is more a matter of ensuring you are using your time wisely than it I about rigid schedules.
If you are truly interested in reaching the levels of success you really deserve you need to work on investing in yourself by learning a time management system that works for you.
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