Is Hypnotism Real and How Does It Work?

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Many people ask the question "is hypnotism real?" This a valid question, and deserves a thoughtful answer.
The answer is "yes", hypnosis is not only real but it is in fact an incredibly viable and powerful field that has been used and researched by very respectable institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, and Mount Sinai just to name a few.
Hypnosis can be used for a wide array of reasons from weight loss, to smoking cessation, to pain relief, to retrieve lost memories, to persuading and influencing others.
Hypnosis is simply a state of very focused attention which results in an extreme ability to accept suggestions into the subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that is the real power in your body.
It regulates your heartbeat, controls your digestive system, and takes in input from your senses like an incredibly sophisticated computer, which is exactly what it is.
Once someone is in a focused state, hypnosis allows for the conscious, analytical side of the brain to be bypassed and taps into the subconscious, non-analytical side of the brain.
It opens the part of the brain that is more receptive to suggestions.
Traditional hypnosis is used very directly and is performed by a trained hypnotist.
This form is typically used in an office setting and the subject is aware of being hypnotized.
There is also a discreet form of hypnosis that emerged around the time of Dr.
Milton Erickson.
Erickson devised ways of using hypnosis without the subject being aware of being hypnotized.
Hence, covert or conversational hypnosis was born.
This form of hypnosis can be used to help others eliminate bad habits and modify their behavior to create positive changes.
Covert hypnosis also allows for the hypnotist to create a more fulfilling life by having the ability to persuade and influence others which in turn helps create success in all aspects of life.
Hypnosis is definitely real and the field continues to grow and improve with continued research.
Not only is it recognized as an undeniable therapeutic tool by the American Medical Association, but it continues to expand and improve more and more lives.
However, although hypnotism is real, it does come down to the skill of the hypnotist as to whether or not it will be effective at creating change.
It is a fascinating and powerful field that has changed and will continue to change people's lives forever and for the better.
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