Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever

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Words can change your life. We bring into our life what we focus and concentrate on so why not select one of the following words and focus on it and LIVE it for 7 days as you go through a week. When you have completed all 12 words/actions begin again with the list and repeat this process four times. You will be amazed at what this simple exercise can do for your year. I didn't invent this simple technique; Ben Franklin did many years ago. My words are a bit different than his but the outcome can be the same. The order you select for your word each week is not important - what is - is that you let the word and all it implies have a positive and complete impact on your actions, attitudes, decisions and behavior that week. Do this for 48 weeks and I will guarantee that 2013 will be one of your most productive, successful, happiest and peaceful years ever. By the way, I have given you a list of fifteen words to choose from so just pick the twelve that resonate with you. Try it, what have you got to lose?

Passion - Passion isn't about what you are doing but who you are. Passion does not depend on experience, education, age, gender or any other external factor. It is an inner mindset that drives your actions, attitudes, beliefs, decisions and behavior. Without passion you are doomed to €average' with it you can achieve your dreams. Do not let others or circumstances determine your passion. Live it each day and watch as your desires and dreams become reality.

Faith - Faith is not just a spiritual belief but a strong faith in yourself, your dreams, goals, ability and your future. Too often people or circumstances challenge our faith and we have a choice - give in to these outside influences or maintain our faith in what we s]desire, are working toward and one day want to achieve or become. Faith is not easy as circumstances will relentlessly challenge our ability to maintain our faith in the face of adversity or obstacles.

Wisdom - Wisdom is not intelligence. €Let your wisdom give you understanding€. We are constantly overwhelmed with information. Information is not power - wisdom is. Wisdom is knowing what to do when, why and how. Wisdom requires knowledge that is properly applied in the right way. Do not be misled. Information is not power - wisdom is and it will only come from learning, understanding and then application.

Effort - Nothing of any consequence was ever achieved without effort. In spite of what you may have heard - there is NO free lunch. On the surface it might sometimes appear that some people achieve their goals with little or no effort but do not be deceived. Responsible effort is the common denominator for success and happiness - for the long term. The wrong effort will tend to give you the wrong results while the right effort will contribute to your walking into your future with achievement, success and satisfaction. Contrary to conventional wisdom there is only one way to achieve anything and that is with effort.

Hope - Every human wants to live with hope. Hope for something better, different or new. No one wants to live their life, especially when life throws them hurdles or curves without hope. It is in our DNA. No matter what is going on we want to live with hope. When we lose hope we lose life not only emotionally but often physically. Hope is simply believing that tomorrow will be better than today or yesterday and it only requires that you hold on to it with every breath you take no matter how dire circumstances may appear.

Patience - A major cause of stress in life is a lack of patience. I want it now. I want it the way I want it and I refuse to accept anything less. Life works on its own schedule and timing and it often has no regard for your preferences, demands or expectations. Patience is the ability to accept life as it shows up. This does not mean you don't try, work, plan and hope but in the end the world functions on a simple cause and effect basis and there is often little we can do to control either the causes or the effects. What we can do is flow and not try and push the river as life adjusts, happens and appears from moment to moment.

Belief - What you believe you manifest. What you focus on you tend to increase in your life. Goals, affirmations and even action without belief is to fail to give yourself the outcomes you say you desire. Belief is an imbedded strong conviction that fills your mind with attitudes and intentions that will bring to pass what you believe whether negative or positive. It is like an alarm clock that keeps reminding you of how to think, what to feel and how to act. When your beliefs are noble, positive and consistent you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Optimism - It's a medical fact that people who are optimistic and positive live longer and get sick less than people who are negative and pessimistic. Optimism isn't about sticking your head in the sand and living in La La land where the glass is always half full. Both groups must deal with the same life challenges, adversity, failure and problems. The difference is focus. Optimists focus on finding a solution, alternative or a way around the obstacle while pessimists stay stuck in the problem. There is no guarantee that this year will not give you your share of challenges and problems, the question is how you choose to interpret them and respond to them.

Gratitude - Have you ever thought that you get 80,000 heartbeats every day? I could go on with the many blessings each of us received every minute of every day but the question is - how often do you thank life and God for all of your special gifts? It's been proven in the medical field that people who live with gratitude tend to have happier and healthier lives. Just stop every now and then every day and just say thank you.

Kindness - They are called random acts of kindness - to a friend, a co-worker, family member or even a total stranger. Showing kindness to others will tend to keep you out of self-absorption and focused on being of value or service to others. You never know - from where or when your acts of kindness will be returned. But fail to give them and I'll wager that you will receive many in return.

Now - Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for everyone. All you have is this moment as you are reading this short article. In five minutes whatever happened will be history. Let me repeat - thirty seconds ago is gone with all its pain and opportunity. The single best thing you can do to achieve success, happiness and inner peace is to learn to embrace each moment as it happens. Leaving behind yesterday with all its regrets, disappointments, achievements and memories. If you can learn to live each moment as it is given to you, you will discover the true value of life.

Courage - I'm not talking here about the courage to jump out of airplanes or take physical risks but the willingness to address each of life's challenges as they show up in life with the ability to take them head on and not hide from them hoping they will solve themselves or suddenly disappear. Courage is the ability to confront your fears and uncertainties with resolve and bravery. Hoping they will solve themselves is to live in denial and often defiance. The value in facing your fears is that with time you will learn to prevent them rather than having to overcome them.

Appreciation - The single best way to keep your mind out of its natural tendency to come at issues and uncertainties from a fear perspective is to learn to stay in a mindset of appreciation. Your mind has only two options when it comes to emotions - fear and love. All emotions are offshoots of these so to prevent or control - anger, jealousy, resentment, hate and so many others the ability to rule your life is to learn to come at everything with the feeling or attitude of appreciation. Try it - for one week - learn to pay attention to all of the simple things in life that cross your path with a simple thank you. You will be amazed.

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