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Using Home Drug Tests - Handling Home Drug Test False Positives

It's possible that poppy seeds, cold medications, and even some antibiotics in very high doses can cause false-positive results on certain types of tests. This is by FAR, the exception rather than the rule. However, it is still important that parents don't make the mistake of accusing thei

Toddler or Baby Computer Games

Computer games for toddlers and infants are entertaining and educational.young child and his computer 1 image by Eric Issel??e from Fotolia.comProviding entertainment for an infant or toddler that is also educational can often be a challenge if you don't know where to look. There are many...

Amish Baby High Chairs - The Next Family Heirloom

Heirlooms are a part of family tradition. Passing furniture, jewelry or other items on to younger family members keeps the memory alive and honors those that have come before us. You can create your own heirloom with Amish furniture. Their solid craftsmanship lasts for generations and are made to la

How to Bathe My Baby

This article will help new parents understand how to bathe their new child. This article will cover everything from how many times to bathe your child, to what types of bath tubs to buy.

Don't Work Mom, I Need You

I see no reason to say that a woman should not work. She possess every right to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with a man. The period of a male chauvinistic society has become a part of history today. Though when it comes to the upbringing of a child, clouds of perplexity surrounds me. Merely dressing up

Choosing Baby Strollers and Baby Bike Trailers

Transporting babies has changed with the times. A few decades ago parents only had a few basic stroller designs to choose from and now parents have a wide variety of strollers to choose from that depend entirely on the perspective uses and needs of the parents. There are a few things for buyers to t

Five Child Discipline Methods for Preschoolers

When your child misbehaves, it can be hard to figure out the best way to handle it. These child discipline methods will help change your little one's behavior going forward.

The Teenage Years - Choices

A retired Consultant Psychiatrist writes about her concern about the prevalent, excessive and often dangerous behavior in many teenagers and stresses the continuing role of parents in the choices made in the teenage years. She put two of her poems for teenagers- 'Choices' and 'Consequ

#1: We Won't Go

Have a little fun with these Christmas carols that reflect the stress of the season for parents who feel their family's differences at the holidays.

Do Children Under 16 Years Old Need a Passport?

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative has changed the ease of travel by setting forth a list of documents required for travel since June 2009. A passport is required, regardless of age, for those traveling international via air. Passport requirements for those younger than 16 vary, depending upon

Good for One Acknowledgment of Rightness

Show your appreciation for a father of a child with special needs with coupons designed to acknowledge the special things he does, from homework help to creative discipline to listening to Mom rant.

iPad Toys & iPhone Toys

Do you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Aside from all of the app games that can be downloaded to the actual devices, toy companies have jumped on board to create some amazing iPhone toys and iPad toys that will give their app game play an entirely different perspective. This is a list of iPhone,

Freebies for Mom

Who doesn't love free stuff? Enjoy these freebies for mom.

Gifted Children and Early Reading

Early reading often appears on lists of characteristics of gifted children. Certainly those children who read early are gifted, particularly those who are

Understanding Child Development - Why It Is Important?

Every parent should understand the complete cycle of child development. So they can concentrate on the right upbringing of their child. If you know what to do at the right time, you will bring up healthy and understanding kids rather than unhappy and resilient children.

Healthy Eating For Toddlers

Many toddlers will start eating table foods about the age of one. Eating the right table foods is important for their health. While it is acceptable for them to eat snack foods such as such as puffy wafers, it is extremely important that they eat the right table foods.