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Birth Control-Choosing a Birth Control Method

With so many methods available and so many factors to consider, choosing birth control can be difficult. You may be able to decide on a method by asking yourself the following questions. Might I want to have a biological child in the future?One of your first considerations might be to determine ...

How to Get Pregnant

Are you planning to have the baby for the first time? Or you are a veteran parent and planning to have the next.

Something for Dad at Mom's Prenatal Doctor Visits?

Few things motivate a woman to seek medical care more than the prospect of having a baby. And researchers in St. Louis suggest that the same motivation might be used to get Dad in for evaluation, too.

Morning Sickness Symptoms - Tips For Relief

One of the most unpleasant discomforts associated with pregnancy is morning sickness symptoms. While difficult to deal with, these nausea episodes are the body's natural response to hormonal changes that take place in the early ...

Lucky Number Seven

We're expecting our seventh baby! Join us as we chronicle each week with the trials and tribulations of the pregnancy, labor and birth.

How to Be Cool in an Expectant State

Have you ever thought about how many definitions the word expectant has? My thesaurus lists suspense, waiting, anxiety, apprehension, curiosity, hope, belief and faith. When I think of the word expectant, the first thing that comes to mind is pregnancy and the expectant Mommy.

Can Cleaning Induce Labor?

It is a natural part of pregnancy to get a burst of energy during the last few weeks. This may cause you to "nest" and prepare for your baby's arrival. If you feel the need to clean, its ok; cleaning can have many benefits to a pregnant woman. In fact, the motions involved in cleaning

Fetal Heartbeat And Baby Heart Monitors

One advantage of using a baby heartbeat monitor during pregnancy is that you will quickly be able to ascertain if there is any problem with the baby's heart rate. When used correctly and in consultation with a doctor or other pregnancy caregiver, a fetal heartbeat monitor can help identify earl

How To Get Pregnant Using Fertility Signs

Cervical fluid to females is what seminal fluid is to men. Since men are always fertile, they produce fluid constantly. Women, on the other hand, only produce fluid a few days a month when we are fert

About In Vitro Fertilization

In vitro fertilization is an artificial conception method that allows the egg to be fertilized by sperm outside of the body. The fertilized egg is then planted in the woman's uterus with the hope that she will become pregnant. This method of conception is usually a last hope for women who have been

Who Is Infertility Expert Lisa Olson

The advance in medical research and technology has not stopped infertility from being an issue. Thousands of childless couples have been searching for that right method but continue to be faced with drug remedies and ...

3d Ultrasound 27 Weeks

Week 27 of pregnancy is at the end of the second trimester, not many ultrasounds are done at this point without a reason, like a complication.