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The Course Of Our Lives Affects Our Appearance

Television shows us many ways to change the course of our lives with our appearance. There are the best dressed and the worst dressed awards. However, if fashion models are considered the best dressed, why do they appear so glum? Many have already had plastic surgery to enhance their bodies but....

What Are Life Coaching Courses?

Life coaching courses are an innovative way to take control of your life and to improve yourself and your relationships so you can have the happiest and most fulfilled life possible.

The Cause of Social Anxiety Disorder

If you think the cause of social anxiety disorder is some sort of repressed psychological trauma or lack of social skills, you have been misled by people who don't know what they are talking about. Le

Baseball - An Alternate View of Success

Baseball is a great game, and studying its history is a great hobby. However, there is more to baseball than just a game. In some ways, baseball is a metaphor for life. Baseball players have their own definition of success that can help you feel better about yourself an your business.

Top Ten Practices in the Pursuit of Happiness

"What does it take for a person to feel happy?" Thoughts are powerful!In therapy people can develop the tools, self-awareness, outlook and confidence to transform life's challenges into a meaningful life infused with energy and optimism. What follows are ten healthy practices people f

Are You Tough Enough?

Everyday in the world of sport we hear athletes talk about mental toughness, but mental toughness is just as important in the world of leadership. So what is it? In 2006, Dr Cory Middleton completed groundbreaking research into the characteristics that bring about mental toughness. The research reve

Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

If you've been raised to act respectful and "proper," it's probably been instilled in you at some point in your upbringing that modesty is a virtue. You shouldn't point out all the things you've accomplished or sing your own praises too loudly. Rubbish!;-)

How to Get Confidence

Being confident is the ability to be able to be sure about yourself and your decisions without the need of doubt creeping in. Confidence in a person allows them to face almost anything life throws at them and take on things many others would not.

Get Organized for the Summer Season

It is easy to get sidetracked in the summer heat. In this article, learn how to stay organized and productive during the summer.

Use Principles of Quality to Succeed

While people may argue about what quality is, no one can argue with the fact that the better you can do something, the more likely you are to succeed. Doing something better is easy if you know the principles of quality.

Being Bombarded With Shifting Energies?

This past week has been a pretty tough one for so many who are awakening. The plane crash in Buffalo, New York on February 12th took fifty souls Home. It was a searing, wrenching experience for those left behind. Many of the souls who left in this event were powerful people who had impacted thousand

Law Of Attraction - How To Make It Work For You

We, the humans are all have inheritances like walking, running, speaking etc. Some of us may have more ability to run faster or speak better. But this doesn't means that the others cannot mak

10 Steps In Becoming A World Class Mindmapper

Eastern wisdom tells us that when we do something, we should only do that one thing. When you create a visual map, you should only create a visual map. My point is, when you want to become good at something, you have to do it, over and over and over and over again.

The Ebb & Flow Of Balance

One recurring theme we all face is balancing the demands of their career with those of our personal lives. These are often juxtaposed against each other, leaving a Hobson's choice. Because each situation is unique, ...

Live the Life of Your Dreams!

You are lucky if you have a dream to realize, a goal to reach and a target to achieve! Well, if you have a dream and you are strongly committed to realize that dream through ...

The Reasons Why Some People Keep Having Problems

Are you a person who is beset with problems? As soon as you solve one problem another one appears to take its place. Sometimes the same problem or the same type of problem keeps coming back to haunt you. I have the solution for you.

A Life in Balance

Eating, drinking and sleeping a goal in one area of your life, say your work, fifty weeks a year and then pretending to let go for two or three weeks of vacation a year is not a balanced life. Not to mention that if you're that obsessed with work, you're not going to be able to release and

Training the Value-Driven Leader

A mature, value-driven leader is an essential component of the value-driven culture. However, not just any values will do. The classic trio of truth, beauty and goodness are the MetaValues that transcend the ordinary and inspire the brightest and the best of humankind, the top one percent. Next to t