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Have You Given Up Who You Are to Please Others?

Have you given up who you truly are to fit into what other people want and/or expect of you?Doing this means you constantly live to make others happy and when you don't you worry about whether they will leave you.It is also the same if we give up who we are and believe our possessions are the a

The Essence of Self Confidence in Public Speaking

Have you ever tried talking in front of the public? Or even talk to a superior of your school? In boys' cases, have you ever tried asking for a girl to be your girlfriend? Or even tried telling her that you are madly, deeply in love with her?

Why Aren't the Little Things the Big Things?

Have you ever wondered why the "little things" in life mean so much? Well, I did. I recently took a look at this, since I have been seeing an increase in the awareness of the "little things" by many of the people with whom I have been working.

Today, Let Go of Your Problems

Our advice today is for you to let go of your problems. It is as simple as that. We could end our lesson here, but knowing that you are human, an explanation is in order. The art of giving your problems, as well as all the things that vex you to a Higher Power does take practice. Spirit explains mor

Self Doubt - The Performance Killer

Self doubt kills potential and performance. In his book, Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr Maxwell Maltz identifies lack of self esteem, self doubt and self image as the main reasons why people fail in life. Have you ever noticed how the thoughts you have about yourself have a huge impact on performance? Let&a

Chakra Locations

The chakras are energy 'wheels' that are part of the human being's energetic body. They are not visible to the average man - but, as a person begins to develop his inner senses, an amazing and fascinating world opens before him.

Coping with Christmas and the Fear Season

When you hear the strains of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" or "Jingle Bells", it can sound like one of two things: a celebration about the imminent joy of Christmas, or a warning siren that ...

Making Contact With the Other Side

Having a loved one pass away is painful and upsetting, but it may not be the end of your communication. You may still have some options.

Master Success: You' re The Expert

Use your expertise to master success.Whether you realize it or not you already know more about something than most people do.

Do You Take Things Too Literally?

Spiritual seekers and budding entrepreneurs alike are faced with a terrible dilemma, knowing the true meaning of what is really being said.Be it a conversation or reading an inspirational or apparently humorous story, knowing the real meaning determines the value gained and the outcome. If you try t

What is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) states to the ability to perceive control and evaluate emotions. Some academics suggest that emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthened, while others claim it i

Bringing In Abundance Is Good For Everyone

Everybody should have the ability to attract wealth at will. In this article I'll share 3 easy steps which make this process as simple and natural as it ought to be. We will discuss in this particular article two ways of knowing what you actually like.If you think about these 2 methods then yo

Overcome Fear - How to Overcome Fear and Redirect Your Energy Into Courage

Are you feeling crippled by your fears? We've all experienced the inhibiting feelings of fear at one point in our lives. Many live this way on a daily basis. We could be so much more than we're currently expressing, not because we are incapable or lack talent, but because we allow our fear

Decisions That Lead to Success - Make All Your Choices Turn Out Well!

Do you find yourself making choices that don't turn out the way you would like?Would you like to know how to change your decision making skills so that your choices will end in success instead of disappointment?Let me show you how to make decisions that will bring success.

Finding a Church That Is Just Right for You

Churches of all denominations evolved over time and have been around for thousands and thousands of years. People have their beliefs according to their faith and religion, many in how they were raised. Religion is for some, a way of life, their stance in life.