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Sometimes God's Protection Requires Rejection

Our lives are battles within our minds. Some of the things we are so sure will be good for us might not turn out to be that way. This is when what we desire might be delayed of diminished if God and those in spirit see that it is to your long-term advantage to have this outcome. Learn more of their

Employed Or Employable?

The words we say and the thoughts we think cause us to send a vibe that is equal to that thought or feeling. In short, when you are in a negative mood you're sending a negative vibe. When you are in a positive mood, you're sending a positive vibe. The only job requirement of Law of Attract

The Leadership Trait Initiative

Initiative is an expectation that every leader expects but requires training and positive leadership to make it clear what initiative really is. There is a major difference between initiative and decision making and people can become confused quite easily. Let's use an example; a customer has s

Why You Never Get What You Truly Want

Many of us, whether we know it or not, live within a prison of our own making. This prison has no metal bars, nor can its walls be seen by the naked eye; however, it is every bit as effective in keeping us from our freedom as a real prison cell. It’s called our comfort zoneComfort zones can ta

Where to Find Help to Organize Your Home

Maybe you have tried for years but you are just not an organized person and you don't think that you can be the type of person to figure out your own organizational needs. Don't worry, there is help out there. Some help is quiet easy to find.

Why is Fun Not Fun Anymore

Everyday, thousands of people always wonder why they have no fun left in their lives. Is it because we all grow up and have to deal with stress, or is it because we have forgot how to have fun?

The Power of Positive Action to Gain Access to Wealth

Change is inevitable whether you do nothing or something. Doing nothing will only cause something you do not want such as, worrying about paying the bills, stressed out at work because the pressure of life is taking its toll on you or you may lose your job due company bankruptcy.

Family Familiarity

The senior executive of a LLC recently resigned from her high-flying job to spend more time with her family. When questioned by the media, she said thoughtfully, "I'm not leaving because my children need me."

Comfort Poetry For Loss and Bereavement

Loss and bereavement take many forms. Coping with grief is not solely the domain of the bereaved. Consequently, these verses are not intended to be exclusively for those who are left to mourn a death. They are meant to be comfort poetry for anyone suffering loss of any sort: be it job, marriage, hom

You Decide What Events Mean

You are faced with opposition everyday and you decide what meaning to give it. You can either choose to see opposition as a way to grow spiritually or as an adversary to struggle against. Your choice determines what you create in your life, what will you choose?

Judging Usually Gives False Impressions

I guess that is why God only gets it right. Man is the only species of life that cannot get along with his own species or the rest of the planet. We are the only variety of life that separate ourselves from each other only because we judge. We do not even think to judge on things that matter.