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Practical Prayer - How She Got A New Job

This is an account of how a woman reversed her situation at work and ended up with what she wanted and more -- a new job, a new desk, and a new supervisor.All she did was use the Law of Attraction and the Power of Prayer.

Everything May Be A Metaphor

According to General Semantics 'the map isn't the territory': our descriptions of events, places, objects and ideas in the planet aren't actually the ideas or physical entities they represent. This may appear obvious however commonly we tend to confuse our illustration of one thi

How to Find the Best Online NLP Training

When you begin looking for NLP training, you may wonder what separates the experts from the novices in this field. You may first want to compete a quick search to find a program that offers full NLP t

How To Fall In Love With Your Call Again

Start by believing in your heart that your ministry equips people to live a Christ-quality life. When you love ministry and demonstrate that love, your expressions of ministry impact people more than you can imagine.

How"s Your Passion These Days?

Who do you know that is on fire with passion?Are you?Have you had it in the past but are losing it due to some external circumstances?Do you feel in welling up inside you or do you feeling it slowly slipping away?

Let Your Thoughts Have Their Freedom

If I said to you; "Whatever you do, don't think about a gorilla in a bikini." The next thing to pop into your mind would be the fetching sight of a bikini-clad gorilla! If someone tells you not to look round, but they've just seen the man who insulted your wife, it almost forces

Basic Science Lesson

Anyone who has taken a class in science understands basic principles about the sun and the moon, about light and darkness, and how they all relate to one another.

What Is Goal Setting Exactly?

If you are new to the world of personal development and goal setting, then you may be wondering what it is and how to go about goal setting. In this article, you will learn what is goal setting and how you may just be doing goal setting already.

What You Should Do When Making Subliminal Messages

When everyone is growing up they are raised on certain beliefs or notions. These notions are the ones that inevitably shape your character and how you think. It is inevitable though that these old beliefs ...

Success And Personal Growth: Part 2 Of A 3 Part Series

When you are growing as a person, you are realizing the greatness within you that is already in existence.There is so much to discover within you that you will never get it done. Start with these basic traits and you will not only feel better you will have better relationships with your loved...

Employed Or Employable?

The words we say and the thoughts we think cause us to send a vibe that is equal to that thought or feeling. In short, when you are in a negative mood you're sending a negative vibe. When you are in a positive mood, you're sending a positive vibe. The only job requirement of Law of Attract

Investigating Your Power of Influence

All powerful leaders have to some extent developed their power of influence. To lead people you have to be able to influence or persuade them that by following you they can derive some benefit.

Why You Should Keep Smiling

Smile and you light up the world around you. Keep smiling and you will attract more people to you. Can you imagine an environment devoid of smiles and laughter? Should it be, I would not want to be a part of it!

Mental Fitness - Stop Anger Before it Gets You!

We may feel peaceful and contented but a slight happening and with an over reaction of our psychological defence mechanism, everything changes.We are wrong to say "I got angry" because in fact it is anger that comes and gets you. We don't usually decide to get angry - it just happens.

Where to Find Help to Organize Your Home

Maybe you have tried for years but you are just not an organized person and you don't think that you can be the type of person to figure out your own organizational needs. Don't worry, there is help out there. Some help is quiet easy to find.